Why Waste time and money testing Products?

Why Waste time and money testing Products?

Starting a Shopify store is a tempting venture, but I understand the challenges involved. The visualization of  making the famous "six figure revenue" is a dream for everyone.

Learning the intricacies of  Shopify takes time, and if you have a full-time job, dedicating enough time to understand these complexities can be difficult. Here are some factors that will enable you have fast success or take longer in learning face.

Finding Winning Products

Identifying products that will sell well requires market research, testing, and sometimes a bit of luck. What works for one store may not work for another due to differences in target audience, marketing strategy, and niche.

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Marketing Techniques

Whereases choosing a great product is good, the marketing behind it will guarantee one long-term profitability. Knowing how to market is one of the greatest skills that sets many highly successfully Drop shippers. Knowing how to create highly converting product pages is what sets you apart. Gurus will tell you to use AI but we have tested with between AI and human generated and found human generated product pages bring in more sales and conversions. 


Experience and Expertise

Many successful e-commerce entrepreneurs have at least two  years of experience. Their insights and strategies have been honed over time, which means newcomers may struggle initially without this background.

Financial Investment

Contrary to what some gurus may claim, starting a dropshipping business does require a significant financial investment. Costs include advertising, product testing, and other operational expenses.

Misleading Promises

Many courses and gurus sell the dream of easy success but often require additional purchases and subscriptions, leading to disillusionment when results are not immediate.

Recommended Approach: Partnership Model

Given these challenges, my model of becoming a partner in an already established e-commerce business can be an attractive alternative. Here’s why:

Established Foundation

Partnering with a business that has already tested and validated products reduces the risk and guesswork involved in starting from scratch.

Shared Responsibilities

In my model, you handle the financial aspect while I manage the marketing.

This allows you not  only   focus but also you take time to learn as you make money, potentially leading to better results.


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Experience and Guidance

 With my background and experience in the e-commerce space, I can provide valuable guidance, helping you avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your learning curve.

 Your investment

You invest between $ 5000 to $10000 depending on the product. I have already tested products that need only branding and customization for our branded store.

 This partnership model ensures both of us are invested in the success of the business, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at achieving common goals.

My proposed partnership approach offers a viable alternative for those who may not have the time, expertise, or initial capital to start an e-commerce store from scratch.

By leveraging my experience and existing business infrastructure, you can potentially achieve success more quickly and with reduced risk. Thorough due diligence and clear contractual agreements are essential to protect us both.

My name is Ivan Solomon and I have been in business since 2015. I have founded many businesses—some successful, many unsuccessful. The last one was an e-commerce order fulfillment company that specialized in storage and delivery for e-commerce brands. I sold it and switched to e-commerce in 2022, and I have never looked back.

 Join me in this venture, and let’s achieve success together.

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