Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector
Divine Lumbar Corrector

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Get Permanent Relief To Your Back Pain 

Your journey to backpain pain-FREE living starts here! ✮Experience  Chiropractic care without leaving your home


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  • Back Pain Relieft
  • Sciatica Relief
  • Spinal Stenosis Correction
  • Herniated Disc Correction
  • Cervical Pain Relief
  • Back Posture Correction

My problem started during Covid-19 during those unending virtual meetings.It reached a time when i couldnt sit completely. When i found this Lumbar corrector,i started feeling less pain when seated. I use it even in my car. Very effective.
Scovia Chelilimo,Eldoret

Backpains doesnt come with age,the earlier you know the safer for you

II just turned 31 last month. I started experiencing back pain when i was 25 years. One day i confided to one of my elder collegue. He laughed it off and told me for my age am still too young to complain of back pain. He told me in his Luhyaland where he comes from young men are not allowed to complain of back aches because it shows one is weak sexually.
That it means one is not having sex!
 But what he did not know was that if its sex i was having regularly but saw no change. 
I was really disturbed. Even sitting at work was a big challenge so i used to alternating between sitting and standing. My boss understood my predecarment and gave me some flexible schedules.
So one day as i sat in matatu going back home i went to facebook to pass time and boom,i came face to face with an ad for this backstretcher. I googled more about it and realized it was FDA approved. 
I placed my order and received it within the  day
And true to its word i found immediate relief. I could use this thing everywhere. 
Am not yet 100% recovered but the relief i feel is promising enough for total recovery.

Peter Omwoyo,Utawala-Nairobi

Have you ever experienced the kind of back pain I faced?


 Pain that can render you motionless and you spend your time lying down?
For years, I battled with excruciating back pain and debilitating sciatica.
Each day was a struggle, every movement a reminder of the relentless discomfort I endured. Living with chronic back pain and sciatica was debilitating – every movement was agony.
My name is Abdi Sharif from Kinango,Kwale county.
 Am 76 years old and I have had this pain for over 10 years . I visited all hospitals in coast region but was refered to Kenyatta National hospital. I sold my farm produce and went to Nairobi to see a specialist.
I was put in a machine and it worked some magic on me but it didn’t last even 30 days. Was back to pain again.
I gave up ever finding recovery again.
Last Easter holiday my son comes home with this device and told me to try it out as instructed.
I reluctantly did so to only please him.
So I didn’t let him know first because I thought it might be short lived.
  But up to now I feel better.
 From the very first moment I reclined on the stretcher.
I felt a profound sense of relief wash over me.
It's as if the tension that had gripped my spine for so long began to unravel, leaving behind a sense of tranquility I hadn't felt in years.
With each gentle stretch, the pain melted away, replaced by a newfound freedom of movement and a renewed sense of hope Now, I wake up without stiffness, tackle the day with confidence, and enjoy moments I thought were lost to pain. Trust me, these stretchers are life-changing.
Experience the relief for yourself." The simple act of using this stretcher has transformed my life in ways I never thought possible.
 No longer am I held captive by pain; instead, I am able to live life to the fullest, embracing each moment with gratitude and joy.
 If you're struggling with back pain or sciatica, I urge you to give our back stretchers a try.
 It has been a true game-changer for me, and I have no doubt it will make a difference in your life too.

4 in 1 Backpain Relief

Lower Backpain Relief

Helps alligns back the lumbar vertebras and cervical bones which normally moves out of its natural position due to poor posture or lifting heavy loads.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is simply narrowing of the spinal canal. This makes some bones to touch each other causing alot of pain. This product help increase the gap to its natural position.

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Sciatica Nerve Relief

This is caused by herniated disc that puts pressure on sciatic nerve causing excruciating pain. By pushing the lumbars back it heps free sciatic nerve from being touched.

Herniated Disc

herniated is mostly caused by prolonged sitting or age related factors. It needs to be forced back to its original position.This product has been scientifically desihned to do that.

Get Back Pain Relief Without Dangerous Drugs Or Surgery

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Chiropractic Treatment Without Visiting A Chiropractor

Anyone that has Suffered from Back Pain Knows How Painful It Can Be.
 Treatment Products Usually Do Not Work as Promised or Provide Temporary Relief Only to Have the Pain Return ShortlyThis lumbar corrector Has Provided Immediate and Long Term Relief to Thousands of Customers That Have Been Suffering from Back Pain for Years.

Are you tired of enduring persistent back pain without finding a lasting solution? Look no further – DIVINE is here to transform your experience and provide immediate relief from lower back pain, sciatica, and more.It has provided Relief for a Range of Conditions Including Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain, Chronic Lumbar and Lower Back Pain, Herniated Disc Pain, Spinal Stenosis, Back Stiffness and Bad Posture

Corrects faulty posture

Years of hard work, sedentary and poor posture create damaging tension on your vertebrae, which causes your discs to be squeezed and puts pressure on your nerves, leading to severe pain in your neck, lower back and legs, by gently stretching your back and decompressing your vertebrae, gradually addressing the underlying cause of your discomfort.
Allowing the herniated discs to retract and repair.
Use it consistently for 30 minutes a day and you will have noticeable results later.

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How to Use It

Lying down on Lumbar Soothing Device for just 10 minutes a day, progressively solves the root cause of your discomfort, eliminate agonizing neck & back pain at home. The stretchers can be used in various positions, such as lying down or sitting, allowing users to find their preferred stretching position.

Why it is recommended by Chiropractors Globally

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it was not only developed by a doctor but he is  a world renowned  Spinal cord  specialist from the famous Mayo Clinic in the United States. He designed the lumbar at an angle of inclination of 26 degres mirrowing the spinal cord formation. 
This makes it easier and safe to return the vertebrae and cervical bones back to their natural position.

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I know you must have bought or seen the one on the right

I dont know your experience but theres high chances you felt  like you wasted your money.
And i guess you no longer use it.

Because instead of you getting relief you end up hurting your spine even more.

Well see how our innovative lumbar corrector compares to it.

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Wow! This is a saviour

Started getting back aches when i was 7 months pregnant. i thought the pain would go away basing on on what other experienced moms told me. 
It continued a year after giving birth. So a friend of mine send me a website link to the product but realized the company was not in Uganda by the time i bought. They sent to me via bus. Guys this thing worked mirracles. The moment you lie on it you feel goodness and relaxation throught the spine. Even tiredness just melts away! 
So far this my greatest buy online.
Vivian Nakakendo,

Verified Purchase